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Personal Data vs Sensitive Personal Data vs Non-Sensitive Personal Data

Posted on January 12, 2021 by Olby | General

Personal data is anything that an individual, directly or indirectly.

  • Name
  • Home or Work Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact Information

Sensitive Personal Data is a subset of personal data and categorized as classified.

  • Full name
  • Aadhar Card number/ Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Driver’s license
  • Credit/ Debit card information
  • Bank account number
  • Passport information
  • Financial information
  • Medical records
  • Student Information
  • Biometric and Generic Data
  • Sex Life

Non-Sensitive Personal Data is personally identifiable information is easily accessible from public sources

  • Pin code/ Zip code
  • Place of birth
  • Below are considered as sensitive data in some countries:
    • Religion
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Political Belief
    • Trade union membership

Crow/ Raven – Unity

Posted on December 16, 2020 by Olby | General

Our opposite house has a Neem tree and during this Covid lockdown as many witnessed, this tree also witnessed some bird activities. Some new birds started visiting and there was a crow nest and Myna nest.

Interesting thing is about the crow. One set of crow has made this their territory and not allowing any other birds.

What is special in crow?

We have seen birds bigger than crow like vallur, which comes to visit this place to build nest or for some other purpose for some weeks now. When one crow arrives at the tree the bird flies away. I gave a thought about it and found out that even though the birds are bigger they come alone and their species are at different far off places but crows are distributed nearby and they have good connections. Why are other birds afraid of crows?Because they have unity. If anything happens to one crow all the other crows will gather and fight for their right.

You can learn some facts about the crows in these links – Link1 and Link2.

If we humans have this type of unity, we can achieve more.

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Work break/ Ergonomics Software while using Computers

Posted on December 14, 2020 by Olby | General, Online

You can check the following work break/ ergonomics software to minimize the stress while using computer/ software. The software which I’ve used are listed below:

Wellnomics: Best one but comes with paid option. Check this link for more options: Wellnomics | Ergonomics software

Another one which comes free and helpful for microbreaks and rest break with exercises is Workrave. You can find the details and download it from here Welcome to Workrave · Workrave

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Not finding time to Study/ Prepare for Certification exams

Posted on December 11, 2020 by Olby | Best Practices, General

You’re working and find no time to spend time for study on continuous improvement or for preparation of certification examination. Please find below how I prepared:

  1. Stop all your works/ mails and go to bed early.
  2. Go to bed early during the preparation period/ month/ week.
  3. Go as early as 9 or 10 PM maximum.
  4. Wake up as early as 3 or 3.30 AM.
  5. Do not touch your mobile and do not check any emails/ news once you wake up.
  6. Finish your morning prayers and then start preparing till 6  or 6.30 AM.
  7. This will give solid 3 to 3.5 hrs. time to prepare without disturbance.
  8. You will have a fresh mind and give calm mind to prepare.

All the best!

Note: If you’re taking certification training for 1 to 3 days then spend the time to read what is covered each day night before going to bed, this will help in preparation after the training.

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WhatsApp – Use & manage

Posted on December 11, 2020 by Olby | Best Practices, General

WhatsApp notifications disturbance:

Are you getting continuous notification from some of your contacts or groups who forwards or send so many messages and its continuously disturbing and its pressing to spend too much time on WhatsApp, then you can do the following:

WhatsApp has this feature which allows you to mute certain contacts or groups notifications. The steps are, open WhatsApp –> select the contact or group –> select the three dots from the top right corner –> Select Mute Notification, this gives three options whether to  mute for 8 hours or 1 week or Always.  This will mute the notification and there will be no notification onscreen and sound. 

Note: You may be having some school/ college groups which gives class notifications and assignments, then do not mute these notifications.

So many messages and clearing takes time:

When you get so many messages and it is taking time to delete daily or need to spend separate time to delete messages in a week or month. The best way to do is when you get a message from your contact or group and while reading if you find that it is important message then select the message and click star, then at the end of the day or next day after getting a new message, you can go to three dots from the top right corner –> select more –> Clear Chat –> Select Delete media in this chat (Select starred messages also to delete the starred messages) –> Clear messages. This will delete all the messages and media together, and no need to spend time to delete individually (Also, this will delete the photos and videos that are stored in your phone gallery). If you didn’t select the starred message option while clear messages then those messages will not be deleted.

Announcements for class – School/ College/ to contacts frequently and not use Groups:

If you want to give any announcement to some of your contacts or to your school or college class, then you can use Broadcast and restrict usage of groups. Groups will make everyone to collaborate and to know each others numbers and contacts. To use the broadcast open WhatsApp –> three dots from the top right corner –> New Broadcast –> Start typing message and add the contacts that you want to frequently give announcements.

Its one time creation and from next time you can just add the message and send, this will go as individual message to each one and not as Group messages and the members that you included in this broadcast will not know each other. With this you respect each others privacy and communicate without creating a group. Broadcast will show like a horn symbol.

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