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Uploading an offline (Desktop) project plan to an existing project plan in project server?

Posted on April 25, 2015 by Olby | Project Management

Scenario: You’ve a project plan is project server named ‘X’ wherein Phase 1 and Phase 2 are built. You’ve another offline (Desktop) plan named ‘Y’ with Phase 3 and 4 which has to be added in the project plan ‘X’. Without losing any of the properties, what is the best way to load the phase 3 and phase 4 in the Plan ‘X’.

Best Way:

  1. Open the Project Plan ‘X’ in Project Professional with Project Server connection, then open the desktop project plan ‘Y’.
  2. Now select the plan ’X’ and select the last blank task.
  3. Then Go to Project Tab and Select Sub Project.
  4. Browse and Select Project ‘Y’ and click ‘Insert’.
  5. Now the project Y is added inside project X as subproject.
  6. Without expanding the added subproject, double click the sub project to open the task information dialog box. Select Advanced Tab in the task information dialog box and then uncheck the link from the project Y and click ok.
  7. Now expand the summary task, give related relationship with phase 2, then Save, Publish and Close.