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Crow/ Raven – Unity

Posted on December 16, 2020 by Olby | General

Our opposite house has a Neem tree and during this Covid lockdown as many witnessed, this tree also witnessed some bird activities. Some new birds started visiting and there was a crow nest and Myna nest.

Interesting thing is about the crow. One set of crow has made this their territory and not allowing any other birds.

What is special in crow?

We have seen birds bigger than crow like vallur, which comes to visit this place to build nest or for some other purpose for some weeks now. When one crow arrives at the tree the bird flies away. I gave a thought about it and found out that even though the birds are bigger they come alone and their species are at different far off places but crows are distributed nearby and they have good connections. Why are other birds afraid of crows?Because they have unity. If anything happens to one crow all the other crows will gather and fight for their right.

You can learn some facts about the crows in these links – Link1 and Link2.

If we humans have this type of unity, we can achieve more.

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