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Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas, Process Groups & Processes

Posted on March 14, 2020 by Olby | PPM


Sharing Portfolio Management Knowledge Areas, Process Groups & Processes for quick reference and preparation for exam in continuation of lessons learned for PfMP® exam and advices on how to fill application form for PfMP®.

P.S.: This should not be used as reference material for knowledge areas, process groups and processes. Refer Standard Portfolio Management guide for full reading and learning. This can be used as tips for remembering these during the exam.

Portfolio Management Knowledge area and process groups are listed in the below table. There are 8 defining process, 6 aligning process and 2 authorizing and controlling process.

For each process there are inputs, tools and techniques and outputs (ITTO). Before we see the list, lets see the important key deliverables and common Inputs and Outputs.

Refer Standard for Portfolio Management for clear list of Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs (ITTO). Here I am showing using abbreviation for ITTO with two options to prepare for the exam (this will help you to prepare the KA and process in the scratch card given in test center quickly while going thru’ the tutorial). For Knowledge area, process, Key deliverables and common Input and output, abbreviations are shown in in the above table within brackets. Other abbreviations used for Tools and Techniques are as below (You can use your own abbreviation which will help you to remember):

  • ETS – Elicitation Technique
  • WRS – Weighted Ranking & Scoring Technique
  • CCA – Capability AND Capacity Analysis
  • QQA = Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
  • PMIS – Project Management Information System
  • GAM – Graphical Analytical Method
  • StA – Stakeholder Analysis
  • SCA – Scenario Analysis
  • PrA – Prioritization Analysis
  • CRA – Communication Requirement Analysis
  • PCI – Portfolio Component Inventory

I used two options to prepare and I thought and got comfortable with the second option which helped me to prepare quickly. Sharing both the options and you can follow any. (Continuous blank is blacked out as quick highlight)

Option 1 – Inputs

Note: OPA and EEF are not in Authorizing and only for Risk in Aligning process. Also Portfolio Reports comes as Input only in communication of Defining process group

Option 1 – Outputs

Note: There is no output of EEF and OPA comes as Output only for Risk in Defining and Aligning process group.

Option 1 – Tools & Techniques

Option 2 – ITTO

If you need the excel file template instead of recreating to take print-out and practice, please raise a request here.

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