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Scrum vs Kanban

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Olby | Agile

by Suja, R., IT Consultant (PPM and Agile), CAPPM (Centre for Advanced Practical Project Management)

Scrum is agile process that aids in delivering the business value in short time. Kanban is a visual system that helps in managing the work, through which the work progress can be tracked. Kanban methodologies are continuous, where scrum is short and it has structured work sprints.

Kanban suits best on projects that have widely varying priorities. Scrum suits on teams that have stable priorities which remains stable constantly over time. In scrum, team must not make any change during the sprint, but in case of Kanban changes can be made at any point.

In Kanban it is optional to have a meeting, based on the need and desire the meeting can be scheduled, but in case of scrum it is must to have meetings on the daily basis. The meetings in scrum are daily scrum, sprint review, sprint planning and sprint retrospective.

In Kanban there is no pre-defined roles for the team, and in scrum each team member has a pre-defined role. Kanban Products and processes are delivered based on requirement and due date. Scrum deliverables are determined by the sprints in which a set of given work to be completed and must be in ready to review state. Scrum has two specific KPIs, namely velocity and planned capacity. Velocity is the story point that being completed and help is planning the backlog items. Capacity specifies the availability the team has for the sprint. To track the items, it uses burndown chart and velocity chart. In Kanban KPIs, it has two important metrics namely cycle time and lead time. Lead time specifies the time period between new task and its final departure from system. Cycle time is on task when it is currently executed. The primary chart used in Kanban is the cumulative flow diagram and cycle time histogram.

Scrum Story Board
Kanban Board

Scrum helps the team, working together and effective. Project construction is one of the domains where scrum is used, here scrum plays a major role in planning, meeting and in assigning work and aids in the project completion period. Kanban is a workflow management method, which help as in visualizing workflow. Simple real-life example of Kanban is planning our day-to-day life to do list.

Both scrum and Kanban helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity, thus it can be used based on necessity of project.

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